Everyday Active Challenge #MoveYourWay

Boost your physical and mental health with this four week activity challenge. Everyday activities count as you move your way through May. The more activity you do, the more activity points you'll earn.

  • Start Date1st May 2023
  • End Date1st Jun 2023




Everyday Active Challenge #MoveYourWay





The Everyday Active Challenge #MoveYourWay is all about keeping active to boost your physical and mental health this May. Everyday activities count so whatever gets you moving, we're inviting you to move your way through May.

Whether it's a walk to the shops, a jog around the block, a spot of gardening, a kickabout in the park, cycling to/from work, an online exercise class, a dance about the kitchen, a swim in your local pool - anything goes! There are over 90 different sports/activities to select from the drop-down activity list, including self-propelled wheelchair sports/activities, so everyone is welcome to get involved. The more you move your way, the more you'll boost your physical and mental health this May.

To take part, all you have to do is sign up to Kent's free Activity Tracker and start logging your everyday activities from 1 May 2023 - 31 May 2023.

To help get you started to move your way this May, why not visit Everyday Active and explore a wide range of activities for all fitness levels and abilities, read personal stories and discover what's going on in your local communities. You can also connect with Everyday Active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news and opportunities to move more this May.

As an added incentive and to keep us all moving through May, we have an overall Challenge Target of 31 MILLION steps (a million steps a day in May!). Every move you make, every step you take will go towards this overall target so we're all in this together.

You will also be entered into the Challenge Prize Draw for store e-vouchers so everyone is in with a chance of being rewarded for their efforts. Good Luck!

To register your own activities:

  • Click 'Log Activity' when you have completed your daily activity. Your activity points and steps will automatically appear on your activity tracker dashboard and the Challenge leaderboard.


  • if you use one of the following wearable Apps: Strava, Fitbit or Googlefit you can sync your tracker account to one of these Apps by clicking on the Activity Tracker dashboard next to your name and clicking on the watch icon on the blue bar at the top of the page. Follow instructions to sync your app. Your activity points and steps will then automatically appear on your activity tracker dashboard and the Challenge leaderboard.

To receive our weekly motivational newsletters:

Throughout the month, we'll send out weekly e-newsletters to keep you up to date with the Challenge. To receive these e-newsletters, please update your email preferences:

  1. Go to your Dashboard, click on Edit Profile & go to Account
  2. Click on Email and Sharing
  3. Tick Yes to the following:
  • Active at Work Newsletters
  • Would like to receive occasional emails about Activity Tracker groups and challenges

Please note, this challenge finishes on 1 June 2023. Activities must be added by midnight on the last day of the challenge for it to count. Points will continue to appear on your activity tracker page after this date but won't be counted in the challenge.

Informed Consent: I understand that participation in this Challenge is entirely at my own risk and I have consulted my Doctor before taking part if I suffer from any of the following: Diabetes, Heart Problems, Asthma, Joint Problems, Back Pain, High Blood Pressure, Previous Injuries. I may withdraw from the Challenge at any time. Neither the organisers nor any partners of the Challenge accept responsibility for any incident, accident or injury sustained in the course of anyone's participation in this Challenge.

This challenge has now ended.