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The Bursaries will be awarded to promising girl golfers who wish to further their education at University or College, within the British Isles, after school academic year 12, and at the same time continue to develop their golfing skills. They should be of English nationality by birth or have either parent of English nationality, or have been resident in England for the last two years. The Bursaries are to provide financial assistance for educational expenses of girls in further education.

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About England Golf Trust - Angela Uzielli fund

The aim of the England Golf Trust is to help young people in financial need who, without its support, would not be able to play golf. The funds are not just for elite players but very much for 'ordinary' golfers – those who in the future will make up the heart and soul of a golf club. By providing this support, we will create 'champions' not only on the golf course but in society; to foster a life-long sporting habit and to allow young people to develop life skills closely associated with the game including confidence, self-esteem and integrity.


2015 Applications

2015 Applications

Application Deadline
12:00am - Tue 1st September, 2015

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