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About Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) is the National Governing body for Clay Target Shooting in England.

Clay pigeon shooting is the art of shooting at special flying targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun.

Clay pigeon shooting is currently enjoyed by 9 to 90 year olds of either sex. It is a hobby that can provide great personal fulfilment, and may be enjoyed with just a few friends on a very informal basis, in a more organised fashion at a local gun club or shooting school, or at competition level from registered CPSA events to County, Regional, National and International competitions including the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

For clay pigeon shooting at CPSA registered events and CPSA affiliated grounds, the maximum permitted bore of shotguns is 12, equivalent to 0.729 inches diameter. Barrel lengths typically vary from 26 to 32 inches, and side-by-side, under and over and single barrelled two shot semi-automatics are commonly used. Pump action guns are generally considered unsuitable for clay pigeon shooting.To own or possess a shotgun a shot gun certificate is required, which will also require a police inspection of the storage security, usually a steel gun cabinet. Newcomers may borrow shotguns under supervision at many CPSA grounds offering coaching, without the need for a licence, under Section 11(6) of the Firearms Act 1968. This allows novices to fully participate before investing in guns and security.Participants in the sport come from a wide variety of social backgrounds with a particular increase in the number of women and children coming into it, making clay pigeon shooting more and more a family orientated sport.

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