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The act of falling from a high point and then parachuting safely to the ground

An Overview of Skydiving

Skydiving, is a method of transiting from a high point in the atmosphere to the surface of Earth with the aid of gravity, involving the control of speed during the descent using a parachute or parachutes. For human skydiving, it may involve a phase of more or less free-falling (the skydiving segment) which is a period when the parachute has not yet been deployed and the body gradually accelerates to terminal velocity.


  • Trains the brain to deal with stress better
  • Improves sleep
  • Adrenaline rush
  • See the landscape
  • Improves general awareness


To go skydiving usually costs between £150 and £300.


Use local activity finders or try and identify if a local/regional facility offers this activity. It is also worth looking at the National Governing Body website for opportunities.


All equipment required for skydiving will be provided by the company


The youngest to accomplish the feat of skydiving was a four year old. The jump was a tandem jump (skydiving while being harnessed to a trainer), and was made from an elevation of 10,000 feet.

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