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Darts, indoor target game played by throwing feathered darts at a circular board with numbered spaces.

An Overview of Darts

In the organized game, each player has three weighted and feathered darts, generally about 16 cm (6 inches) long. The player usually begins with any double score (dart thrown into the double ring). They subtract this and subsequent scores from a previously chosen number, usually 301 or 501. The winner must reach exactly zero on his last throw. In informal games, players usually total up their scores from the start and declare the player who first reaches a predetermined number the winner.


  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Increases social skills
  • Relieves stress and challenges the mind


A brand new darts set can be purchased for as little as £20. Price varies depending on the quality and whether it is brand new or purchased second hand.

Memberships to darts clubs vary depending on the clubs themselves


Can get involved in darts by purchasing your own darts set or dart boards are found in many pubs across the country. To get involved in a darts club, use local activity finders or try and identify if a local/regional facility offers this activity. It is also worth looking at the National Governing Body website for opportunities.


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The first to hit a 9 darter (the quickest way to win a round of darts) live on TV was Shaun Greatbatch in 2002 at the Dutch Open.

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