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On the Edge is an adult participation programme – it offers new adult skiers and riders the chance to get into a water sports discipline and develop their skills.

About This Programme

On the Edge follows a step by step progression of skills through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels (similar to Cutting Edge) so it is easy to track your progress and see how much you have achieved. There are 2 strands of the 'On the Edge' programme - Water Skiing and Wakeboarding.

'On the Edge' was launched in 2013 and BWSW worked with 8 clubs to offer the 'On the Edge' programme and get more adults participating in our sport. The clubs offered blocks of 6 sessions to adults that were new or lapsed participants and then offered a pathway for future participation beyond the 6 sessions to encourage them to continue to ski/ride.

More Information: http://www.bwsw.org.uk/participation/take-part/on-the-edge/