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Trainee Expert Football Coaching Professional

Job Summary: Expert Football Coaches Ltd. (Non-profit) will implement an educational pathway supported by our I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D Expert System© of Football Coaching Accreditation is a prestigious system that teaches football coaches how to deliver high-quality and high-performance football practice sessions on a consistent basis. At Expert Football Coaches (EFC) we have 3 levels of coaching for you to progress through. HOW TO APPLY This role is part of the Government’s Kick-start scheme. As a result, it is only available to 16-24 year olds on Universal Credit. Please check you’re eligible with the Job Centre before you apply, the if qualify send CV/Covering Letter to

Yorkshire plus Nationwide, LS28AJ
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About Trainee Expert Football Coaching Professional

The Trainees Job responsibilities/duties each week and commitment will be as follows:

• Creation of Football Practice Session Plans. Completion of coaching courses reading football coaching manuals, course handbook.
• CV writing/development/Job Search
• Individual Review/Evaluation with Expert Football Coaching Professional Developer
• Job Applications for Vacancies via online application forms and CV production.
• Education and learning involved in creating documents in Word, Power-Point etc
• Practical Placement (Subjective to Covid Rules/Restrictions) employer will help with securing/finding a part – time coaching role within the local community, if they do not already have a placement position

Tangible Support/Products for Trainee:

• Course Handbook with education around areas of football development.
• Offer of Apprenticeship/Long term Traineeships with Expert Football Coaches Ltd.
• Ongoing support and guidance to obtain paid part-time and full- time football coaching/management roles.

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